Registering a trade mark

Registering a trade mark

To register a trade mark, we will make an application on your behalf to the Intellectual Property Office. However, before filing the application, we recommend undertaking some searches.

To register a trade mark, it must comply with certain criteria. In short, it must be a sign that distinguishes your company’s products and services from those of others.

Certain types of trade marks can be difficult to register. These include trade marks that:

  • Describe a geographical location or something that is recognised in your line of business e.g. “Sheffield Steel”
  • Do not offer any form of distinction
  • Contrary to public policy or to accepted principles of morality
  • Of such a nature as to deliberately deceive the public

You can find more information about acceptable types of trade marks on the Intellectual Property Office website.

A successful trade mark application typically takes six months to be registered, although the timescale can change, depending on whether objections are received.