Patent Advice

Some say imitation is the best form of flattery, but there’s nothing flattering about a business rival copying ideas which have taken your company time, research and money to develop.

Filing a patent application is one of the most effective ways of protecting inventions. A successfully granted patent is not only likely to deter others from copying your business ideas, but it also provides your business with legal ownership rights.

Based in Sheffield, Howard Lock Intellectual Property provides friendly, professional advice which is always tailored towards your individual needs. In other words, we treat the people we help in a way that we would.

For over 25 years, founder of the company Howard Lock has been helping businesses to make the right decisions when it comes to protecting intellectual property. As a qualified Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney you can be assured of receiving the best possible advice when it comes to protecting your business ideas.

We will guide you through the whole process of applying for a patent. From the outset we will take time to examine the design and we will make recommendations on how to obtain the best possible protection for your ideas, as well as conducting searches on your behalf to ensure similar designs have not previously been granted.

Using our many years of professional expertise, we will draft and file the patent application on your behalf, keeping you fully informed as the application progresses. For businesses holding multiple patents, we also offer a complete portfolio management service.

It’s worth remembering that different patent laws can apply in different countries and using his extensive experience and understanding of UK, European and International patent laws, and Howard Lock Intellectual Property will help to secure the right forms of protection for your business, no matter where in the world you trade.

Our client base ranges from established manufacturing and engineering companies to family-run ventures and start-ups and from our Sheffield-based headquarters we work with many different types of businesses throughout the UK.

A granted patent will not only provide your business with legal protection for an invention, but there can also be tax benefits associated with Patent ownership. Under the Government’s Patent Box scheme, tax liabilities can be reduced on any profits generated from patented technology.