Filing a patent application

applyFiling a patent application

You should consider filing a patent application if:

  • You have invented a new product
  • You want to prevent a new product or process from being copied
  • You have created a new way of doing or making something

A successful patent application can deter others from copying your idea and allows you to take legal action against those who choose to ignore it. If you have a patent in place, you can also use this to license your invention, allowing you to claim royalties from others wanting to manufacture your product.

Until your patent application has been filed, the invention must not publicly disclosed.  Although it can take several years for a patent to be granted, once an application has been filed, you can make your invention public and take it to market.

Remember that patents only apply to the design of a product or the way that something is manufactured. You cannot obtain a patent for:

  • Scientific or mathematical discoveries
  • Artistic pieces of work (e.g. books, films, music etc)
  • Mental acts
  • Presenting information
  • Animal or plant varieties

Further information can be found at the Intellectual Property Office.