Could patents help to reinvigorate the UK manufacturing sector?

Ownership of intellectual property and the ability for a business to protect its rights is an issue that has rapidly soared up the political agenda in both Europe and the UK.

Exporting has long been regarded as vital to reinvigorating the UK’s manufacturing sector and it’s likely that schemes such as the Government’s Patent Box initiative, coupled with broader plans for a Europe-wide patent could help to give the UK’s manufacturing sector a much needed boost.

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How small businesses protect their business ideas?

With many different and competing pressures facing SME businesses it can be easy to overlook the true value of the intellectual property held within your company.

Getting the right type of protection in place can help to deter would-be copycat rivals from stealing your business ideas as well as giving your company certain rights within the law.

In the UK, intellectual property can be protected in three ways: filing a patent, registering a trademark and registering your designs with the Intellectual Property Office. Each offers different types of protection and choosing the option that suits the individual needs of your business can help to save significant amounts of time and money.

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Olympic effort needed to police copyright laws

As the countdown towards the London Olympics enters into its final phase, it’s likely that many businesses will be looking for opportunities to try and cash-in on links with the event.

The Olympic Games is big business, with organisers hoping to raise in excess of £500 million through the sale of various promotional packages around the event. Everything from licensing rights and official partnerships to sponsorship and advertising packages in association with the games and individual events are sold at a premium, and enables the companies that pay to use the words ‘official sponsor’ and access to the associated branding with the games.

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